Services for electricity producers

  • We buy electricity and guarantees of origin
  • We apply individual pricing based on the risk level assumed by the producer
  • We help boosting revenue of electricity sales
Spinning wind power plant
Spinning wind power plant

IGNITIS B2B electricity purchase plans

We apply individual pricing based on the risk level you assume. Power purchase agreements can be concluded with a flexible or fixed price.

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Flexible price

For those who want to get the best sale price based on current market conditions

Agreement term

Up to 24 months

The price depends on market conditions and every month it can increase or decrease.*

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Fixed price

For those who want to plan their electricity sale price more accurately

Agreement term

Up to 48 months

Stable price throughout the duration of the agreement, regardless of market fluctuations.

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* Electricity market price is available on:

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Guarantees of origin

Guarantees of origin

Guarantee of origin is an electronic certificate guaranteeing that electricity is generated using renewable energy sources. The guarantees of origin are used by consumers who want to prove that they are using green electricity. One guarantee of origin is equal to 1 MWh of green electricity. 

The costs related to use and administration of guarantees of origin are borne by Ignitis.

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