Solar powerplant – a sustainable business investment

Solar powerplant
Solar powerplant
up to15 %
of annual electricity costs*

Annual electricity demand

What amount of your consumed energy would you like to produce in a solar power plant?

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What is the permissible power consumption of the object?


Which solar power plant are you interested in?

The maximum possible power of the power plant
Preliminary investment*
Roof or plot area required
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Annual savings**
Payoff period***
X years
CO2 footprint reduction per year
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* We will provide an individual offer to your company after evaluating the area of your roof or plot, technical specifications of the building, energy user profile and other parameters.

** The buyer of a solar power plant becomes a producing user and produces all the required amount of electricity in his power plant. The buyer's price of electricity from the grid is 25 ct/kWh (without VAT), the price for using the grid is 4.5 ct/kWh (without VAT). The calculation assumes that 1 installed kilowatt will generate an average of 950 kWh of electricity per year.

*** The payback period is preliminary and depends on the specific technical solution and installation price.


Solar power plant from A to Z: qualified work and constant maintenance

Buying and installing a solar powerplant

If you can use your own funds for the investment and are looking for the fastest payoff, Ignitis can offer you an optimal power plant solution for your roof or land plot. We will design and install the power plant for you, you will also be able to choose one of our maintenance plans.


Operating and maintaining a solar power plant

If you don’t have time, human resources or proper knowledge within the company, Ignitis’s specialists will take care of your power plant. We offer our customers two operation and maintenance plans – “Standard” and “Maximum”. Depending on the selected operation and maintenance plan, we will periodically check the power plant, fix failures, wash panels and ensure the maximum generation of electricity.


Buying surplus energy

If your power plant generates more energy than you need for your business, you can sell the surplus to us and receive additional income. We will help you determine the overdraft and will offer the purchase price.

Buying surplus

That which was true 5 years ago, now only remains a legend.  Let’s bust the myths.

  1. Myth: It is not worth investing in a solar power plant.

    Wrong! Solar power plant equipment has become much cheaper and with financial aid your investment will pay for itself within 5–6 years.
  2. Myth: It is difficult to maintain a solar power plant.

    Wrong! Solar power plant maintenance is very easy. You can maintain smaller power plants yourself, but we suggest using operation and maintenance services for the larger ones.
  3. Myth: There is not enough sun in Latvia.

    Wrong! Indicators show that sunshine duration in Latvia is similar to Germany’s, which is leading in total solar power plant capacity in Europe.

Innovative businesses choose Ignitis


The company’s name is associated with a quality standard

Ignitis is operating in the energy market for over 80 years. We carefully maintain our reputation and offer only long-term solutions.

Your power plant will operate for at least 25 years, therefore, a trusting partnership is essential.

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One of the leading solar expert teams in Lithuania

We have a lot of experience – our teams have installed over 25 MWp of solar power plants.

We work only with high-quality contractors, we ensure the quality work.


Only the highest quality equipment

We work only with solar equipment that complies with the highest international quality standards, thus we ensure the highest generation performance and long-term warranties.


What should I know if I have decided to buy a solar power plant?

How will the solar power plant affect the structure of the roof of the building?

Before installing a solar power plant on the roof, you need to make sure the roof structure is able to withstand additional loads, including the impact of the snow in the winter. The entire equipment of the solar power plant (panels, installation constructions, counterweight) may weigh significantly, therefore, a certified constructor will evaluate potential risks. If needed, roof structure can be reinforced before installing a power plant.

How do I choose an appropriate capacity for my solar power plant?

The largest economic benefits are reached when all the generated electricity is consumed directly by the internal electricity network of the building. Discuss with our experts the potential capacity of the power plant which would be optimal for your business needs – we will offer you several possible scenarios which will help you make the decision on the capacity of the power plant easier.

What equipment should I choose?

The current market offers a wide variety of equipment solutions. Most people who buy a power plant have the most issues with the matter. Ignitis has installed over 14 MWp of solar power plants, and our experience showed that choosing globally recognised and reliable manufacturers of certified equipment has the most economic advantages. We finance a large part of projects under development ourselves, therefore, it is important for us to choose proper power plant equipment, which will remain under our supervision and ownership for a long time.

We only use the solar panels made by the most reliable manufacturers, such as Longi, Seraphim, etc. and others, because they are verified in independent and certified labs as being the most reliable, and Bloomberg New Energy Finance are including them in their Tier 1 lists as one of the strongest solar panel manufacturers in the world for several years in a row. We place great importance on equipment quality, thus, we venture to factories of the selected manufacturers where we verify manufacturing and quality assurance processes. We constantly monitor changes in the top manufacturer market.

While choosing installation structures, inverters and other equipment, we also recommend closely evaluating whether the selected equipment is certified, if the manufacturer is financially stable and will be able to provide you with the promised equipment warranty, even if you need it after 10 years or more.

What types of warranty apply to the equipment?

Solar panels used by Ignitis have a 10-to-15-year product warranty and a 25-year warranty for solar panel efficiency, which ensures that by the end of the term, the solar panels will work at least at 80% efficiency. We also closely evaluate the content of warranties offered by manufacturers, not just their duration.

Inverters are provided with at least a 5-to-10-year warranty with possibility to extend it.

How long does it take to instal a solar power plant?

Solar power plant installation terms depend on various factors – solar plant’s capacity, specifics of the object, roof structure assessment, construction works, procedures of submitting the power plant to responsible authorities, etc. On average, it takes up to 5 months to complete a 100 kWp solar power plant project.

How to maintain a solar power plant?

Proper maintenance of solar power plant is very important – it affects the power generation volume and payback payoff period. However, you can always transfer the hassle to us – select an operation and maintenance plan that suits you the best from the range of plans we offer for careless and effective solar power plant use.


* When a customer becomes a prosumer and generates all the necessary electricity demand with his or her own power plant.

** Depending on the financial aid programme.

*** Payoff period depends on electricity prices in the market.11