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EV charging prices


Pricing for private and business customers

Starting from June 1st 2023, Ignitis ON Latvia electrical vehicle charging network are following price conditions valid*.

Charging price applies only to Ignitis ON Latvia charging stations and are available on Mobilly mobile application.

For private and business customers

Ultra-fast (150 kW+) and fast DC chargers (50 kW):
€0.35 / kWh incl. VAT
Slow AC chargers (22kW):
€0.29 / kWh incl. VAT

The charging price applies only to Ignitis ON charging stations when using Mobilly mobile application or RFID key.

  • No subscription fees or hidden charges.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • All Ignitis ON charging stations are using green electricity.
  • Pay&Go.
  • All your charging history is provided in the Mobilly mobile app.

Exclusive offer for business customers

The following discounts will apply when consuming at least:
1 MWh/month – €0.01 / kWh
10 MWh/month – €0.03 / kWh
20 MWh/month – €0.05 / kWh
The discount will be applied for the paid charging service only, for the amount with VAT.

After concluding the sale and purchase agreement, business customers will receive the above off-invoice discounts.

* Electricity prices in the charging network are subject to change without notice. Electricity prices in the network can be changed no more than once a month.

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